6469 Story for Bar-Roque Grill

  • How big is the winery? The winery is about 20 ha of vines, growing in biodynamic and organic way. Combining Clovallon and Mas D’ Alezon.


  • How many grapes does the winery grow?  The winery grows 12 different varieties. Depends on the orientation and the microclimate of the place. Manly Grenache, Syrah, Pinot noir and some white like Viognier, Chardonnay or Muscat. Also Colombare and Carignant.


  • How many labels we have? We have 3 labels in the most famous appellation in the south of France. 1) Montflette / 2) Le Pebrystere / 3) Cabreta.


  • A short story about Catherine:


Christophe met Catherine in 2005, 20 yrs after she started Clovallon leaving Her training as an architect following her dream into the World of wine. Against all odds she created an estate in an unknown part of Languedoc with non-traditional grape varieties that were ridiculed by others. Her wines are now respected and revered and amongst the best in Languedoc.


Rising to another challenge Catherine bought vines in Faugeres appellation with traditional varieties to create a new domain and during this time was pushing the boundaries of viticulture in the direction of organic and biodynamic methods advancing her belief in producing natural and honest wines.

It was at this time Christophe met her and he felt he had found the perfect winemaker to work with and to make his own dream come true. Together they believe they can bring the sunshine and soud of Languedoc to fill the glasses of wine enthusiasts all over Asia.


Christophe knows which style of wines he would like to offer and Catherine is him nose like an “haute couture parfumiere” creating the essence in a wine bottle. Together they will work to create cuvee 6469, a special wine that will marry the two continents together.




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