Bar-Roque's Dry-Aged Beef

We are dry-aging in house, working with O'Connor beef from Gippsland, Victoria, an amazing quality of grass fed beef that is free from Antibiotics and Hormones. The beef is dry-aged between 2 to 4 weeks and is cooked in a high temperature oven with Argentinian charcoal.

O'Connor Pasture Fed Beef

O’Connor Pasture Fed Premium Grade in Singapore is certified ‘Natural’ under the AQIS approved O’Connor Natural Beef Program. It is certified by NATA approved lab as being Hormone Free, GM free and free of antibiotics and chemical residue.

It all started when Leo O'Connor started his butcher delivery business in East Gippsland in the 1930s as a teenager. Over the years he built a chain of butcher shops and became known as a respected stockman. Today, O’Connor’s beef is featured on Australia’s best steakhouses and best fine dinning restaurants and meat shops. The company is located in the Gippsland, where the animals roam freely, enjoying Australia’s best quality pasture. 

O’Connor guarantee the marbling and grading scores assigned to their products. Thanks to exceptional pasture in the Gippsland, O’Connor achieve the highest marbling possible for a Pasture Fed beef. It is often mistaken for wagyu. Yet, O’Connor Pasture Fed is healthier, leaner, contains less cholesterol and more minerals than other marbled meats.

O’Connor Pasture, Gippsland Victoria

A fantastic mix of grass and hay

A unique Pasture-fed marbling

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