Dine with Us

Located at the heart of the bustling Katong neighbourhood, Do.Main Deli & Bistrot aims to bring you fresh, handmade, artisanal goodness. With Chef Stephane at the helm, our menu has been designed to offer wholesome and rustic European cuisine.  


Start your day off with a wide variety of French breads and pastries that are freshly baked by us every day, using time-honoured French recipes. From baked goods to charcuterie platters, beef steaks, hearty soups and pies, and the signature Alsatian tarte flambée from Chef Stephane’s hometown, there’s definitely something for everyone.   


At Do.Main Deli & Bistrot, the star of the show is undoubtedly our live rotisserie, where our whole chickens have been marinated with a secret blend of spices before slow roasting on a spit. The result is immensely succulent meat, under crispy golden-brown skin.