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Hell Yeah!

Juicy. Tender. Amazing.

These are just some of the words to describe our whole rotisserie chickens at Do.Main Deli & Bistrot. We use only free-range, corn-fed chickens from France, that are marinated in a secret blend of spices, before slow roasting in our rotisserie. 45 minutes later, you can count on crispy, golden-brown skin with succulent meat beneath.   


It's All About


Don’t forget, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it’s not breakfast without our AMAZING eggs benedict. To create an amazing experience, we use organic poached eggs served atop a freshly baked English muffin and drizzled with a smooth Hollandaise sauce. Have yours with house made smoked salmon, white ham, spicy crab and avocado or just a hearty braised oxtail and spinach.


Freshly Baked

Everyday with      

At Do.Main Deli & Bistrot, breads and pastries play a big role in our menu. We take pride in using authentic French recipes, to bring you a wide variety of freshly baked viennoiserie, baguettes and multigrain breads. Enjoy warm, crisp chocolate croissants, Danish pastries and apple turnovers alongside a cup of coffee or have yours alongside our organic eggs benedict.


We’re all about bringing you the best, artisanal products.


Try our AMAZING rotisserie chicken alongside any of our signature Alsatian tarte flambées today. 


Available for takeaway between 11.30AM to 2.30PM & 5.30PM to 9.30PM